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п»їWhat is the G-spot of man? Put all your mind and your hands in point H
Have you always wanted to get your boy to scream with pleasure? Then you should learn everything and more about point H, the point G of man. That great stranger!

Yes, not only do we have a G-spot, the boys also have it. This point G of man is also called point H. When you find it, the results are explosive. Most people do not know this secret point because it is in a place that not everyone is willing to go (hint: the butt). Do you want to face point H? To start and get in tune, you can inspire yourself in the postures of the kamasutra, to give free rein to your imagination and to your pleasure.

What is the point H or point G of the man?
To begin with, we must know what we are talking about. Most of us can locate our G-spot, but getting to find your partner's is another story. To excite a man you have to know that the G-spot of the man is his prostatic gland.
This is the gland responsible for producing the majority of semen, but also one of the most sensitive erogenous zones. You can find your prostate about 7 cm inside your anus, near your genitals. It is about the size and shape of a walnut. You will feel an area that looks like a pothole. We know it does not sound easy, but you will be delighted - and the most - when you get it done.
His appeal divides the specialists, but in order to differentiate it from the famous G female point, we will keep the letter H of Man!
Located near the urethra and the prostate,
Inside the rectum,
On the part that separates the body from the penis and the anus.
It is not always easy to reach, but with a little training and sexual lubrication, nothing is impossible.
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Exciting a man? How to hit the nail? It is better that you try to find your point H while you practice oral sex, so that he is calm and relaxed. So, while you are making him enjoy ahead, try to focus all your attention with your hands in the back.
Try massaging the part of skin between your anus and your testicles (the perineum). It is a very sensitive and explosive area for boys, so it is perfect to prepare.
Then move your finger around your anus.
Take a little lubricant and insert it,? Carefully!
Try to put your finger about 7cm until you feel a little "nut".
When you get there, you will be in the right place.
At first you will feel a little strange, but soon you will enjoy it.
Probably your boy reaches orgasm very fast when you find his point H.
? We recommend that you be relaxed, set the room with a little music and mess.
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В© Revolutionary Road
How to stimulate the G-spot of Man?
Once you are inside try to imitate with your fingers the movement of "come here".
This will massage the area and, it will drive you crazy!
Try to think about what you like when your partner stimulates your G-spot and do the same.
Doing the same movements you do to stimulate your own G-spot is ideal.
Put the same care and time you would use for yourself in terms of pressure and speed.
Do it slowly at the beginning.
Now that you are in the right place, you can try different things with your boy to know what you like. Maybe you can use:
toys like anal plugs,
Prostate massagers,
They will have a lot of fun with your partner. You can also use your mouth around this area, but yes, remember to take a shower before.
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How to excite a man with his erogenous zones Like the woman, the man is not limited to his sex and owns numerous erogenous zones. These areas are anatomical points that once stimulated, provoke sexual arousal. In fact it is usually complained that we do not take enough care of them. Learn to know them to explore them better. Do not forget to practice certain verbs to excite him:
to caress,
to lick…
Everything (or almost!) Except your genital organs ...
These areas of your body can be transformed into authentic pleasure detonators:
the lips,
the neck,
for some ears,
the inside of the thighs where the skin is very thin,
the nipples,
his buttocks ...
that we love to watch- they also deserve that we take care of them and make them shudder with pleasure!
Exciting a man with all his intimate parts
Evidently his penis is a concentrate of extremely sensitive small nerves. But you know it in detail?
The root ("stuck to the rest of the body for those who have a problem of orientation!), Which likes to keep well with their hands.
The trunk or body that starts from the root (in which we usually focus) and that appreciates all types of massages and caresses.
The crown (small cutaneous flange between the trunk and the glans), an extremely sensitive area.
The famous glans, at the end of the penis and an area that is always exposed if the man is circumcised or discovered under the foreskin. It is very receptive to oral and manual caresses and can be compared with our clitoris, so we must manipulate it with caution and attention!
As for the testicles, some like to be massaged or put in the mouth. But others can not stand being approached to their sacred-holy scrotum!
The anus is a tabu part for some while for others it is the entrance to an intense pleasure. But be careful: do not get lost in this area if you feel that he is upset. I could block him.
The membrane of the perineum: it is a very fine and sensitive skin between the anus and the genital parts. You can exercise small pressures or circles with the pulp of the fingers during the penis or a masturbation - the ecstasy will be assured!
The feminine advice: Every time you go into one of those "hot" areas, ask "and here ... you like it"? Your little moans of happiness will serve you as a good indicator.
Our best tips to excite a man1. Use lubricant. Poke your finger in a private area of ​​your boy will not go well unless you have a little care. Always use a little lubricant.
2. Cared for. If you prefer to use your fingers instead of toys or a prostate massager, make sure your nails are clean, short and completely smooth.
3. Take a shower. Take a shower and "go to the bathroom" before any anal action for obvious reasons.
4. Do not be scared. If your guy wants you to experiment with his H-point, that does not mean he's gay or any other nonsense, so do not be scared. The same for your partner, if you think it is weird, try to make him see that it is totally natural and normal to want to experiment with something explosive.
5. Toys are welcome. There are plenty of toys dedicated to stimulating your H point, so our advice is to invest in some of them.
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